About The Living Light Inn

Living Light Inn HistoryThe Inn was built in 1912 as a private residence by two brothers from an illustrious local family. From the outset it was recognized as an architectural jewel in the Arts & Crafts style.

According to family lore, the brothers feuded for a time as the finishing touches were being added - one brother took the crew and the plans, and constructed a scaled-down version of the house across town. The feud was eventually resolved and the family tradition of large, festive gatherings continued. There are local residents who can still remember the grand socials that made vivid, lasting impressions on their youthful spirits. Lawn parties were particularly renowned.

The residence was converted to a hotel in the 40s and purchased by the current owners in 2006. The Living Light Inn (formerly the Colonial Inn) is the oldest continuously operating inn in Fort Bragg. In its lifetime it has hosted many distinguished guests including a former American President, several diplomats, artists, writers and musicians and a number of world-famous athletes, as well as visitors from every continent and throughout the U.S. It has been featured in several publications on historic architecture and inns, and many visitors and guests are drawn by advance word of its beautiful and unique features.

Over the Independence Day holiday in 2000, the Inn hosted the family reunion of the descendents of its first occupants.