About Us ~ Notes from the Proprietor

Living Light Inn LoungeWhen we moved to Fort Bragg almost ten years ago, we admired the beauty of the elegant Colonial Inn, located just a few blocks from our home in the most charming residential neighborhood in the heart of Fort Bragg. We thought that of all the B & B's in the area it was the loveliest. Little did we know that, after opening Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in the Company Store downtown, we would have the opportunity to buy the Colonial Inn and create an eco-friendly, warm and welcoming sanctuary for both our students and eco-conscious travelers to the beautiful Mendocino coast.

Some of the changes we have made reflect our commitment to the environment and to person health - like all organic bedding, a full house water filtration system, windows that open wide to let the fresh air in, and non-toxic cleaning products.

We've renamed it the Living Light Inn. Each attractively appointed room has been lovingly redecorated and renamed to reflect qualities we believe in and want to create in our community and in the world. Joy, Prosperity, Adventure, Inspiration, Harmony, Well-Being, Tranquility, Abundance, Serenity, and Peace embody the atmosphere we have created at the Living Light Inn. Our intention is to provide something remarkable for travelers-a place that feels like home; a place to connect with the spirit of this amazing region, whose natural beauty feeds the soul. We know you'll love it 's much as we do.

Welcome home to the Living Light Inn.


Dan Ladermann and Cherie Soria