Spring Renewal Student Special

Spring—it’s the perfect time to renew your vows to yourself! If you’re like most of us, you want to start taking those steps you’ve been promising yourself you’d make to get back to feeling healthy, energetic, and full of enthusiasm for life!

To support you on your journey to health, we’re offering: 50% OFF of our already discounted student prices on your room here at Living Light Inn when you sign up for both Associate Chef and Instructor and Pastry Arts—Unbaked!*

Since we know that most of you will have had a long day of travel when you arrive at Living Light Inn on a Friday, we welcome you with a lovely basket of seasonal fruits to choose from, a yummy raw vegan dip with crudités, and fresh salad greens with a rainbow of shredded vegetables, raw sauerkraut, dehydrated seasoned seeds, and freshly prepared raw vegan salad dressing. We want to get you off to a delicious start on your raw food adventure with us! Our students simply love the raw food kitchen set up especially for them to enjoy a comfortable raw food lifestyle, whether sprouting, juicing, blending, dehydrating and sharing meals together, or washing clothes, spending quiet in the garden or curled up with a good book. The inn is located in the most beautiful neighborhood in Fort Bragg. Students who stay there love it, and so will you!