Check Out Our Raw Food Kitchen

Living Light LitchenHere at Living Light Inn, our culinary students spend a good portion of their free time in the kitchen. Itís the central gathering place and is always full of luminous energy. Students prepare and share juices and meals, invent beautiful recipes, study homework, and argue the finer points of nutrition and living cuisine. With all this love and activity, not to mention the preceding 100 years of life this building has enjoyed, we found our raw food kitchen in need of some upgrades. With only a three week break between classes, we tenaciously put our energy into making this kitchen an inviting and lively space once again.

The first task was putting in a new floor. Sheet vinyl wasnít the first choice but because of its durability, the size of area to be covered, and the little time we had, it was really the only choice. Our contractor found a high quality commercial product that looks great.

Living Light LitchenWe removed the old gas stove and accompanying fan (we donít cook here). In its place we created a raw food workstation complete with a large chopping block countertop and a custom-built drawer beneath that holds two Excalibur dehydrators. Weíve accented this space with adjustable LED lighting, ventilation, and an organic bamboo spice rack.

At Living Light, our goal is to recycle and re-use as much as possible. That entails a recycle bin, trash bin, compost bin, and citrus compost bin. While all necessary, these bins became cumbersome and at times got a little smelly. So, we had our contractor install an under-counter drawer that has the four bins built right in. Itís one of our favorite upgrades because not only does it provide more space, it also locks away the smells and hides the unsightly containers.

Living Light LitchenThe old cabinets were solid and made of high quality wood so we couldnít just throw them out. Instead we sanded off years of paint, patched and repainted them, and added all new knobs and hinges. A much needed facelift it was and while at it, we spruced up our sprouting area with a little paint and some extra shelves.

To make all this pop like we really had in mind, the lighting had to be brought up to date. We used fluorescent fixtures because with their energy saving qualities we were able to add more light while using less power.

So if youíve stayed here before, youíre going to love the changes. And first time Living Light Culinary Institute students will go away with some fond memories, strong friendships, and maybe some cool ideas for your own raw food kitchen.

Living Light Litchen Living Light Litchen